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Title: Evolution
Author: [livejournal.com profile] dancnwithmyself
Claim: Emotions
Table: Table is here
Prompt: Anger
Rating: PG-13
Summary: The evolution of Artie and Tina's friendship, set through the latter half of Season 2
Word Count: 1,842
Warnings: This chapter, spoilers for 2x19, Rumors
Notes: This hopefully will turn out to be a 10 chapter fic, following the evolution of Artie and Tina's rekindled friendship through latter half of Season 2. The first six chapters will be set against episodes, and will pretty much follow canon fitting in with my view. After that, completely AU, unless of course, RIB sees sense and rekindles Artina. Glee is owned by Fox, and Ryan Murphy Productions. No copyright infringement is intended, this is just for my playtimes. Unbetaed, and many thanks and internet cookies to [livejournal.com profile] morbidbubbles for her help and support.

He felt numb. No, if he was being truthful, he didn't know what he felt. Ashamed. That was part of it. He'd idiotically called his very own girlfriend stupid, and then been crushed when she'd told him that he'd been the only person in the whole school who had never once called her that. Hell, he'd even been the one to encourage her to join the Brainiacs - okay, they were desperate, but she'd proved to be a genius in the cat diseases catagory, and she certainly retained enough of the information she heard at school to be an asset in the long run – after all, they'd won Nationals. He never thought she was stupid.

He'd just been frustrated. Finding out that all this time, all those weekends and evenings she'd spent time with Santana, she'd been... He closed his eyes, briefly, fighting back the image of his beautiful girlfriend entangled in Santana's limbs, writhing in ecstasy. It made him feel physically sick. For Santana to use Brittany like that, to make her believe that just because the plumbing was different, it wasn't cheating? How could she do that to someone she called her best friend? Deliberately lying to her like that? He just didn't understand how it could have happened. He knew Brittany didn't always comprehend what was going on around her, but he did his best to try and help her understand and help her learn in her own way, but Santana had just stomped all over that.

He wondered how many people had realized what was going on, how many people were laughing at him behind his back. He felt like an idiot, much like he'd done at the beginning of the school year, when he should have realized what was going on with Tina and Mike, and how it subsequently made him feel. Yes, he missed Tina, and had wanted her back, but he felt that in retrospect he should have seen it coming. With Brittany, in a way he had, but he hadn't wanted to accept it.

He went through his classes in a daze. He was aware that he was in the same class as Brittany for history, but she sat at the back, and he sat in his usual place next to Finn. He glanced round once or twice, but she was mostly staring out of the window, or doing anything she could do avoid looking at him. He couldn't even have told you what they did in Geometry, even though Puck spent most of the class passing notes to him, which he ignored. He didn't need Puck's, or anybody's sympathy.

After Geometry he went to his locker, pulling out the books for his next class. He caught sight of the picture of Brittany he had inside his locker, and frowned. He stared at it for a moment, suddenly realizing what he'd lost with one stupid sentence. He glanced up as a shadow appeared in front of him. It was Tina, her arms crossed as she looked at him.

"Is it true?" she asked when she was satisfied that she had his attention.

"Is what true?" he replied, dropping his eyes and refusing to meet her gaze. He really wasn't in the mood to discuss this with his ex-girlfriend of all people, but he knew exactly what it was that she was fishing for information about. He suddenly felt very defensive about the whole thing.

"You know very well. Santana is telling anyone who will listen that you like kicking puppies when they are down, and in your spare time you’re telling Brittany that she's stupid. Is it true?" Tina asked once again. Artie glanced up at her. Tina was glaring at him, her arms still crossed, and she looked angry.

"That I kick puppies when they are down? It's amazing what I can do when I put my mind to it." Maybe if he was overly sarcastic, she would go away, leave him alone so he could be miserable on his own. "Now just go away." He emptied some of his books out of his book bag, putting them in his locker. Suddenly he found his hands yanked away, and his locker door slammed shut. He looked up at Tina, shocked at her response. She stared down at him, not bothering to hide her disgust at his behaviour. Or maybe that was him projecting his own feelings.

"Why the hell would you do something as idiotic as calling Brittany stupid?" she demanded of him. "I thought you'd learned from what we went through, that you'd grown up, become a better boyfriend?"

Something inside Artie snapped, and he pursed his lips as he looked at her. "Well, considering that she was cheating on me with Santana, who'd told her that 'because the plumbing was different that it was all okay', don't you think I might have had a little bit of an excuse for speaking without thinking first? I apparently have 'cheat on me' written on my forehead, because that's all girls seem to do with me." He threw his book bag over the handles of his wheelchair, and turned to wheel away from her as fast as he could, mentally cursing himself. He'd just managed to repair his friendship with Tina to something approaching what they had before, and he did that? Really? Two stupid things said in one day? Dumb move, Abrams.

"Artie, wait..." he heard from behind him, but he ignored her, rushing to his next class, a class he knew he didn't have with Tina, or Brittany, or anyone with Glee apart from Quinn, and he was grateful that she was barely talking to anyone apart from trying to get votes for Prom Queen. She wouldn’t deign to talk to him, let alone blame him for something he said.

He sat, doodling in his notebook and brooding all through the class, not listening to the teacher. He shouldn't have said that to Tina. Yes, technically she cheated on him last summer, but when he looked back in it, she might just have had good reason for it. He had ignored her in favour of Halo, but he’d had his reasons. He just never could explain them to her, he got too embarrassed. He was an idiot. An idiot who didn’t know a good thing when it was right in front of him.

And then there came Glee. He was quiet, keeping himself very much to himself as he listened to Rachel's... interesting version of 'Go Your Own Way', though he couldn't have told you anything about what she sounded like if you asked him. He kept glancing over at Brittany, who was sitting on her own. It would have been so easy to go over to her, to apologize for his behaviour. She’d forgive him, take him back, they’d go home together and everything would be alright... but he couldn’t do it. He couldn’t stand the fact he’d been cheated on, that Santana had valued him so little that she’d encouraged it. He left the Glee rehearsal as soon as it was over, not hanging about afterwards with his friends like he normally would. He couldn’t take the looks of pity that came from them. She’d pretty much ignored him throughout the rehearsal, apart from one moment when they’d caught each other’s gaze. She wasn’t giving anything away about how she felt, and somehow that made things worse. He’d broken eye contact with her, feeling something akin to shame. Mercedes had called out to him as he left, but he ignored her, wanting to get out of the school and home as fast as possible, so he could wallow in his misery in the peace and quiet of his room.

He wasn’t going to get that luxury, though. As soon as he entered the house, wheeling into the living room to say hello to his mother, she took one look at him, and immediately came over and hugged him, before running her hands through his hair.

"You need another haircut," she murmured to him.

"Mom, I'm fine," Artie snapped at her, wheeling back out of her hug. She looked down at him, frowning slightly.


"Look, Mom. I'm seventeen. I don't need you to cut my hair anymore."

Mrs Abrams was silent for a moment, though she couldn't help herself, and ran her fingers though his hair once more, though Artie flinched away from the touch. He seemed to regret it immediately afterwards and leaned against his mom, who'd sat on the edge of the sofa. "I broke up with Brittany," he said quietly after a moment. He needed to talk to someone, and who better? His Mom had been there through so much with him, sometimes she was the only person he could talk to, even though her attitude to him sometimes frustrated the hell out of him. “She was cheating on me.” He was silent, just sitting there, leaning against his Mom. “And I yelled at Tina.”

“Oh, Artie,” she said eventually, kissing him softly on the top of his head. “What happened with Brittany?”

He explained how he’d found out she was cheating on him, and the conversation they’d had, and the subsequent reaction. Mainly he was just glad to be able to freely talk about it. For once, his mother sat and listened without interrupting him, without trying to influence him. It was a sudden change – ever since the accident she’d been highly protective of him – almost to the point of smothering him, but today it was different. It was like she was treating him as if he was finally growing up.

Eventually she stood up, kissing him one more time. “I’m not going to tell you what to do, sweetheart. That’s something you’ve got to figure out. But if you have apologies to make, don’t wait too long. That’s what I always taught you, remember? And... how about you get a proper haircut, just for prom? Find out where your friend Kurt gets his hair cut, go there?”

Artie looked up at his mother, smiling gently. “Yeah, that sounds good. Call me when dinner’s ready? I think I need to lie down for a bit.” His mother nodded, before heading towards the kitchen. Artie left, heading to his bedroom. Once he got there, he wheeled himself close to his bed, and he transferred himself onto it, staring at the ceiling as he tried to come to terms with everything that had happened. How could he make things right again?

His mom was right though. He had apologies to make, and he owned up to his mistakes. Brittany would have to wait until she’d calmed down, but he could do one thing right now. He grabbed his cell phone out of his pocket, and opening a new message sent a simple text to Tina.

I’m sorry.

It wasn’t until late that evening, just before he went to bed, that he found a response, one that made him smile, though he was curious about the wording.

Thank you.
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