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Day 08 | Favourite ‘Opinionated’ Tina moment

Ok, so by the time I'm done it will be slightly more than 30 days. Whoops.


I'm not even going to say any more. If this isn't your favourite opinionated Tina moment, why not?
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Day 07 | Favourite group number for Artina

Well the obvious is 'To Sir, with Love' because Artina duets are about a rare as a stylish mullet, so in that vein, I'm actually, amazing, because I never ever thought I would do this, going for 'Light Up The World'. Artie and Tina's first competition solos (something I personally thought I would NEVER see), and them singing together? Hey, I'm an Artina shipper, given S2, I have to take some hope from somewhere!

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06 - Your favourite Artie solo

Wait, what? I have to pick one? Seriously? Nooooooooo.

Can't do it, so you get my top 3, but bear in mind these change regularly, so it's like todays top 3.

Number One )

Number Two )

Number Three )
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05 - Your favourite Tina solo

Hahahaha. Solo. Tina. Where the writers don't have her screw it up?

I'd love to say I Follow Rivers, but my favourite has to be True Colours. In a purely Artina context it is very much them, and I know [livejournal.com profile] morbidbubbles has had Tina sing it to Artie in our rp. <3

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Picking this up again.

04 - Song you want Artina to duet

Going back to something Ryan Murphy said back in the hiatus between S1 and S2, when we were still innocently believing Artina would be together forever - and he said that he wanted Artie to sing something from Guys and Dolls.

So, taking that one step further, I want Artie and Tina to sing 'I'll know' from Guys and Dolls. This version isn't the one that would be my first choice - that would be the 1992 Broadway production version with Peter Gallagher and Josie de Suzman, but this will do =)

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Day 03 | Favourite Artie Quote

SOOO MANY TO CHOOSE FROM. But eventually I narrowed it down (also, in general, his best ones are from S1. S2 was just douchy).

Hey Gigantor, we're all gonna swap names yo!

Nuff said.
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Day 02 | Favourite Tina Quote

I love wearing champagne bubbles — I get to express a whole different side of myself. Because even though I'm painfully shy and obsessed with death, I'm a really effervescent person.

Tina in a nutshell - yes writers, she can have lines that don't relate to her relationships! Not many, but hey, I'll take all I can get!
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'Cause it's awesome, and I totally stole it from [livejournal.com profile] jewhawk and adapted it.

Day 01 | Scene that made you an Artina shipper.

It wasn't so much a scene, as the tiny background moments. The fact that Tina is consistently the only person to push his wheelchair. The cute way they look at each other when Tina gets her first solo. The way they look at each other in Sweet Caroline. It took until Wheels for them to get an actual scene together, and by then I was shipping them.

And all the rest )


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